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Tingle gives you more ways to discover and communicate in real time with savvy people in your city.

Most people think of Tingle as a dating app for the iPhone — but it’s a whole lot more. It’s a community. We’re all trailblazing a new way to find and get to know other socially savvy people. And because we understand what it means to be a woman in an online dating community, we’ve worked hard to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for both sexes.

Tingle connects you to a sophisticated network of people who you can interact with only after you’ve established mutual attraction by sharing a ‘wink’. This gateway helps you avoid an influx of ‘whatsup’ messages every time you log in and lets you focus on communicating with people you’re actually interested in.

Tingle is mobile-only. It helps you identify singles near you by using discovery tools that are completely customizable by you – so you’re in control of how often, when and where you would like to be contacted.

Our industry leading communication tools let you text each other and chat on the phone to assess whether there is chemistry before you front up for a date or exchange your personal contact details. It’s anonymous, so you’ll never have to reveal anything about yourself that you’re not ready to disclose. If there’s no spark on your anonymous text or phone call, talk with another recommended person!

Our goal is to maintain Tingle as the most advanced dating service in the industry, and to make sure that your experience using Tingle is as enjoyable and as hassle-free as possible.

Tingle is designed, developed, and operated by AppSocial Media, Inc. Our small company was formed in 2009 and is based in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

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Tingle is available across all of Canada and the US and works best in densely populated urban cities with young, mobile and socially savvy singles.  We are always on the lookout for partners and local in-the-know people to enhance our rapidly growing community, so whether it’s business or pleasure – get in touch!

We hope that you enjoy your experience with Tingle and look forward to having you in our community! Sign up now.

- The Tingle Team


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Brigance to testify against right

Brigance headed to Annapolis to testify against right to die bill. Brigance plans to urge state lawmakers to vote against right to die legislation in Annapolis, lending a prominent voice to one wholesale nfl jerseys of the most controversial issues facing the General Assembly this year.

“Death with dignity” [Poll] Should Maryland allow physicians to prescribe a life ending drug for certain terminally ill patients, as two bills propose?

Should Maryland allow physicians to prescribe a life ending drug for certain terminally ill patients, as two bills propose?

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“It is my belief that valuable contributions can still be made in life, despite one being diagnosed with a terminal illness,” said Brigance, whose public seven year fight against ALS has made the former star and current Ravens front office staffer both a national advocate for people with the neurodegenerative disease and an inspiration to the team.

“I don’t think legislation should be approved to legally take a life before the appointed time,” he said.

Brigance said in an e mail Monday he plans to testify Tuesday when lawmakers resume hearings on physician assisted suicide, which sparked hours of emotional testimony before House committee on Friday. The proposed law would wholesale jerseys allow terminally ill patients who have been given less than six months to live to request a prescription for a life ending drug.

Maryland Politics blog with Dignity advocates rally in AnnapolisSee all related8 “My concern about passing such a policy is the possible error in time prognosis, robbing patients of precious time with loved ones,” Brigance said.

Brigance, who made the first tackle in the Ravens’ 2000 Super Bowl win, joined the front office staff years before he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in 2007. He is currently the Ravens’ senior advisor to player development.

He wades into a debate that wholesale cheap jerseys has divided state lawmakers, many of whom have personal stories about watching a loved one endure a prolonged and painful death without reprieve. Many others have raised religious and ethical concerns about endorsing a lethal remedy for any patient.

More than 15 states are considering right to die legislation this year after 29 year old brain tumor patient Brittany Maynard spent the final months of her life advocating for the issue before taking her own life under Oregon’s “Death with Dignity Act” last fall.

In Maryland, the legislation bears the name of two prominent Annapolis politicians who both were diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Former Annapolis Mayor Roger “Pip” Moyer died in January; former Annapolis alderman and assistant attorney general Richard “Dick” Israel currently lives in hospice care.

Advocates have rallied in Annapolis and held a tearful press conference urging lawmakers to give an option for people to end their lives at their own choosing, and bristled at the opponent’s charge they were lobbying for physician assisted suicide. The bill requires the patient to take the pill without assistance.

Opponents, including Jewish groups, the Maryland Catholic Conference and a handful of disability and mental health advocacy groups, have formed a coalition called “Maryland Against Physician Assisted Suicide.” Disability and mental health advocates say the bill sanctions suicide as an appropriate way to end wholesale jerseys suffering, which could coerce people with disabilities to give up rather than burden loved ones with their care.

“We have doctors all over the place,” said MedChi CEO Gene Ransom, adding that consensus on the issue seems unlikely.Articles Connexes:

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