3-hole male masturbator offers more pleasure for your money

Image Credit: Indiegogo.com

If your Fleshlight is no longer cutting the mustard when it comes to using a sex toy to get off, a new invention could be just what you need. Brian Sloan from Letsgasm is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo to produce a revolutionary three-in-one male masturbator toy.

The 3Fab offers three orifices for you to choose from - the mouth, anus and vagina. Each of the entry points offers a different feeling that mimics the way theses three orifices feel when having intercourse. This means you can avoid buying numerous toys for different sensations.

According to Mr Sloan, the three different openings offer three totally different textures, all within one toy. The anus hole offers a tight and smooth feeling, while the vagina has a ribbed texture. The mouth hole has a zig-zag pattern. This means you can switch up your pleasure and find your favourite.

To make it even more special, the toy is molded from scans of the winners of the Autoblow Vaginal Beauty Contest. This means that the sensations during use will be even more realistic, making it more interesting than some other toys on the market.

The campaign video explains that the initial 3Fap models will use TPE rubber - often described as artificial skin - whereas this will be upgraded to silicone at some point in 2016. It will also be completely silent, allowing for totally discreet use.

The campaign is currently offering three different perks for those who contribute to the fund early on. For $49 (£32), you can get a standard 3Fap, a non-gendered round holes 3Fap and an all-vulva 3Fap. There are only 100 units of each perk, so contributors should get in early.

If you're interested in getting in there early and getting your hands on an early version of the 3Fap, you can join the campaign and get more information on the product here.