8 different condom types & styles to try

Man holding condoms



If you love using condoms but are looking for something a little bit different, then it may be time to explore different condom types and styles. Although many people think that all condoms are the same, that’s actually completely false. There are lots of different varieties of condoms that are great for different reasons. 

Take a look at our pick of 8 different condom types and styles to try out with your partner.


1. Dotted Condoms

If you’re looking for added ecstasy, then try Dotted Condoms to heighten sensitivity. Dotted condoms feature raised dots or ribs that add texture to the condom and line the shaft of the penis. Dotted condoms are great for heightening pleasure for both you and your partner, by adding an extra layer of stimulation. 


2. Flavoured Condoms

If you’re ready to add flavour to your sex life, then using a flavoured condom will give you an added taste sensation. A flavoured lubricant around the condom adds a layer of fruity fun and makes oral sex much more delicious. If you want your sex life to remain super safe, with an added fruity edge then a flavoured condom will be perfect for you. Try Pasante’s Mint tingle for a delicious taste and scent.


3. Extra Safe Condoms

If you’re very conscious about keeping things safe, then using extra safe condoms is the way forward. Extra safe condoms are a little thicker and stronger for added peace of mind. Most of our extra safe condoms have added lubricant and a snug fit so that your pleasure is maximised whilst you stay safe.


4. Glow In The Dark Condoms 

If you want to light up when the lights go out, then glow in the dark condoms are a great choice. Add a unique twist to your sexual experience and wow your partner with an added glow in the bedroom. Glow in the dark condoms create a nice mood lighting that is somewhere in between a pitch black dark room and lamp light. If you and your partner can’t agree on whether to have the lights on or off, then glow in the dark condoms are perfect.

5. Non-latex condoms

If you have an allergy to latex, or just find latex uncomfortable, then non-latex condoms are ideal. The beauty of non-latex condoms is that you would never know they don’t contain latex - they stretch and fit just as perfectly as normal latex and are equally as strong. Try these condoms if you are sensitive to natural rubber latex and are ready to experiment with something new.


6. Gay Condoms

If you engage in gay sex, then you might want to consider using gay condoms. Gay condoms are designed to be stronger than the normal variety, without taking away from the amazing sensation. The extra thickness is perfect for anal penetration and will keep you safe when it most matters.


7. Female Condoms

Most couples have never tried female condoms, however they can be a great alternative to male condoms. Female condoms are much bigger than regular condoms and are held in place with rings at each end. This enables the inner ring to expand and cover the cervix, which ensures full protection during intercourse.


8. Fair Trade Condoms

If you want to have sex with a clear conscience, then fair trade condoms help to ensure that the production of condoms is far. Fair Trade gives everyone along the production line, fair pay, working conditions, and terms of trade. They are no different in the way they feel, however the materials are sourced responsibly. 


Are you ready to experiment with new condom types and styles with your partner? Why not browse our full collection of condoms today? Alternatively, you can take a look at our recent article on the history of condoms.