App in Sweden to locate places to buy condoms

half open condom

An app has been launched in Sweden that will make it easier for individuals to locate the nearest place where they can buy condoms.

The scheme has been launched by the National Council for Coordination of HIV Prevention and the Institute for Communicable Disease Control as it looks to increase the number of people who use prophylactics.

Speaking to the Local, Karin Ragsjo of the latter organisation said: "In the last four years the use of social media and smart phones has surged and we think this approach will work better than putting up posters around town."

She added that information campaigns do work and pointed to the success of a drive for individuals to wear helmets when riding a bike as evidence of this.

Karin Stenqvist, an expert on sexually transmitted infections from Gothenburg University, recently told the news provider that Swedes are putting too much trust in other forms of protection.