Grandma blogger proves sex isn’t just for the young

Elderly couple kissing

image credit: iStock/KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Whenever sex is talked about in the media, it tends to be accompanied by images of young couples in the prime of their life who are busy enjoying each other's bodies.

However, one Briton is out to dispel that notion by showing that sex can be satisfying and brilliant no matter what your age. And she should know, because she's 83.

Joyce Williams from Yorkshire became interested in blogging when she was 81 and went to a class for beginners. The pupils were told to choose a topic, and she said she would be interested in writing about issues involving older people - in particular, sex.

She revealed the rest of the class was so shocked that it made her more determined, so she started the portal Grandma Williams to get her views out there.

Her posts have since included recommendations for sex toys and discussions about how intercourse changes as couples age.

"Sex in your later years is very sensual, much less acrobatics and thrust stuff. We have time, lots of time, to caress, stroke and give each other pleasure," she wrote.

Joyce also said she wouldn't be without massage oil, although she orders this online to avoid giggles from staff when she buys it in person.

"Absolutely the most important ingredient is oil, massage oil. Is there anything nicer than mutual massage as foreplay?" the blogger commented.

Joyce said one of the main reasons for her blog was to change the perception that it is fine for younger people to discuss their personal lives openly while the elderly must keep quiet about it.

"I suspect many people in their later years would welcome the chance to think through more openly how their sensual needs can be met as they age," she concluded.

Apparently a lot of people agree with Joyce's forthright views, because she now has thousands of followers and was shortlisted for a UK Blogger Award in 2018.