Is hot tub sex all it’s cracked up to be?

Couple kissing in hot tub

Image credit: iStock/oneinchpunch

It's billed as one of the most romantic places to get intimate, after all, there's nothing better than a Jacuzzi, a couple of glasses of champagne and a starlit evening, right? While it may look great in the movies, hot tub sex may not be all it's made out to be.

While sitting back in a hot steamy tub with your significant other may sound like heaven, it's probably a good idea not to take things any further. Gynaecologist Diana Hoppe spoke to Men's Health about what could happen were you to get intimate in a Jacuzzi and the possibilities are far from sexy.

Here's why you might want to think about getting out of the hot tub and drying off before proceeding to the next portion of your evening:

Condoms aren't as effective in the water

Even if you're practicing safe sex in the Jacuzzi, it won't be as safe as on dry land. For starters, the water provides extra lubrication, which can make it difficult to keep the condom on. Even a little bit of slippage puts you and your partner at risk of STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

On top of this, the chemicals in the hot tub can also affect the effectiveness of condoms, putting you at greater risk.

Women may get sore

Although water provides a bit of help, the hot water in jacuzzis can affect natural lubrication. This means that the friction of intercourse may result in vaginal soreness, which can last for a few days.

If you want to ensure that everyone involved has a good time, you may want to avoid having sex in water, even if it is on your bucket list.

You might get a rash

Spending too much time in hot tubs, in general, can result in rashes, which means relaxing in the Jacuzzi, followed by intercourse and then more relaxing puts you at risk of developing one.

Although pseudomonas folliculitis - also known as hot tub rash - sorts itself out within a few days, the red bumps get really itchy and don't look great. Having sex in the hot tub may mean that the bacteria that causes the rash gets to more intimate places too, which won't be comfortable.

While hot tub sex may sound like a great idea, you're probably best giving it a miss.