Realistic sex dolls are new Chinese trend

Realistic Chinese sex doll

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A new trend is emerging in China that sees men choosing hyper-realistic dolls in place of the more discreet Flesh Light style of sex toy. More and more men across the nation are investing in life-like sex dolls in order to satisfy their fantasies.

Specialist shops in Beijing are selling the doll '156' for around £1,700 each. The doll is named for its height in centimetres and is made of thermoplastic elastomer, which gives a softer finish than silicone.

They are incredibly realistic, with completely human features and posable limbs. However, the proportions of their body are slightly unrealistic, mimicking anime and manga characters rather than real female proportions.

The dolls also feature removable heads, hands and genitals, presumably for easier cleaning. Each of the dolls come bald, allowing men to purchase wigs in order to customise them according to their preferences.

It is thought that the rise in popularity of these dolls among working men in China is due to the fact that many men travel and live in the city during the week for work purposes. They then travel back to rural areas to see their family at weekends.

The dolls allow them to satisfy their sexual cravings without cheating on their wives with real women.

One person who has purchased the top of the line sex doll to keep in his Beijing apartment is a man who gave his name as Liu. He told the South China Morning Post: "Honestly, it is very easy to just pay a little money to find a woman in China, but I simply cannot bring myself to cheat on my wife, so I have never considered it."

However, he couldn't see himself satisfying his needs with a more traditional blow up sex doll. "There was no way I would have sex with that kind of cheap inflatable plastic," Liu said.

It seems that the drive to remain faithful is what is driving more and more men to buy these dolls.