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History of condoms: when were condoms invented

At Tingle, we’re passionate about condoms and on our quest to supply our customers with the best condoms on the market, we’ve learned a lot. Some of the most interesting discoveries and facts have been about how condoms were invented. If you’ve ever wondered where the idea for condoms came from, we’re giving you all […]

How to put on a condom properly

Knowing how to put on a condom properly is an important part of ensuring it works. Back at school when you were first taught how to put a condom on, you were probably too embarrassed to actually pay attention to the class. Little did you know that it may have been one of the most […]

How Safe And Effective Are Condoms?

Condoms come in various shapes, sizes and flavours, and are usually made of latex. They are widely regarded as cheaper in comparison to other forms of contraception. Male condoms stop sperm from reaching and fertilizing the egg while restricting skin-to-skin interaction and contact with genital fluids. As such, they are the only form of contraception […]

Is hot tub sex all it’s cracked up to be?

It’s billed as one of the most romantic places to get intimate, after all, there’s nothing better than a Jacuzzi, a couple of glasses of champagne and a starlit evening, right? While it may look great in the movies, hot tub sex may not be all it’s made out to be. While sitting back in […]

What Condom Should I Buy? A Buyers Guide…

Condoms are the only form of contraception – other than abstinence – effective in preventing both pregnancy and STIs. When condoms are used correctly, they have a success rate of 98%, significantly higher than the rival contraceptives. With such a vast array of condoms available to buy online today, we’ve put together the following buyer’s […]


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