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Grandma blogger proves sex isn’t just for the young

Whenever sex is talked about in the media, it tends to be accompanied by images of young couples in the prime of their life who are busy enjoying each other’s bodies. However, one Briton is out to dispel that notion by showing that sex can be satisfying and brilliant no matter what your age. And […]

Keep your buzz fresh: How to care for your vibrator

You might think that choosing the perfect sex toy is the most difficult part about adding some buzz to your bedroom. However, the real issue is how to look after your vibrator in order to keep it working properly for as long as possible. There’s nothing worse than engaging in some battery-powered fun – either on […]

‘More than half’ of sexually active adults use sex toys

A new survey from the Irish Times has revealed that 58 per cent of sexually active adults have used sex toys. It seems that over half of adults are willing to spice things up a bit with a toy, with women being more likely to invest in a battery-powered friend than men. According to the […]


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