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How Safe And Effective Are Condoms?

Condoms come in various shapes, sizes and flavours, and are usually made of latex. They are widely regarded as cheaper in comparison to other forms of contraception. Male condoms stop sperm from reaching and fertilizing the egg while restricting skin-to-skin interaction and contact with genital fluids. As such, they are the only form of contraception […]

New Masturbation survey reveals self-love habits

May is International Masturbation Month, which is fitting considering We-Vibe has just released the 2016 Passion Report that looks into masturbation habits. A survey asked 1,032 people who identify as male or female in the US about how they masturbate. The report had a number of interesting findings, including the fact that the majority of […]

Keep your buzz fresh: How to care for your vibrator

You might think that choosing the perfect sex toy is the most difficult part about adding some buzz to your bedroom. However, the real issue is how to look after your vibrator in order to keep it working properly for as long as possible. There’s nothing worse than engaging in some battery-powered fun – either on […]

What Condom Should I Buy? A Buyers Guide…

Condoms are the only form of contraception – other than abstinence – effective in preventing both pregnancy and STIs. When condoms are used correctly, they have a success rate of 98%, significantly higher than the rival contraceptives. With such a vast array of condoms available to buy online today, we’ve put together the following buyer’s […]


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