UK’s first ‘Halal’ sex shop opens online

Halal sex toys

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The first Halal sex shop in the UK has now opened. Hamed Zeb has opened an online Halal sex shop, which stocks only dildos and lubricant that are allowed under Islamic law.

Mr Zeb's shop went live this month (November) with a number of different items available to British Muslims. However, all items are currently marked as 'coming soon', so it is not yet clear when the shop will have stock available to purchase.

Speaking to the Western Daily Press, the 29-year-old businessman said that Muslims are just as adventurous as other people, however, they can feel uncomfortable using sex toys from traditional sex shops. This is because they tend to have a pornographic focus rather than promoting marriage.

The online store will provide lubricants that don't contain gelatine - which is forbidden as it is made from pigs - and a range of vibrators. Eventually, Mr Zeb wants to open a high street store, although this is some way off right now.

In order to ensure all stock is suitable under Islamic law, all images of women used on the site and products are modest.

"The provocative image of a place like Ann Summers embarrasses Muslims with explicit pornography and suggestiveness meaning they’re much less likely to go," said Mr Zeb.

"I wanted Muslim people to benefit from an adult shop to intensify their love lives and prolong their marriages. The UK Muslim community needs to break a taboo subject such as sex – it should be open and celebrated rather than ignored or swept under the carpet whenever it is mentioned."

However, not everyone is a fan of the new online Halal sex shop. Dr Basharrad Nazir, from The London Mosque, told the news provider that it is not permitted to look at any woman except wives in a lustful way within Islam.

"Halal tends to be misused and applied to products that make no sense whatsoever.

"Sex in Islam is restricted to marriage, there is no sexual conception outside of that bond," he continued.