The Ultimate Guide To Using Sex Toys

Fluffy pink handcuffs

It’s true of everything in life: to keep things interesting, you need to change it up once in a while. The bedroom is no exception. You could be single, in a relationship, or somewhere between the two, and still feel things have become – how should we put this? – tired.

Why not try sex toys? They can add creative flair to your sexual routine and often increase the intensity of any orgasm.

Thing is, it’s easy to become daunted by the array of options available or bored of the outdated range of high-street sex shops. The prudish nature within us can take over and turn us off the idea entirely. But it’s about having the confidence of knowing what makes you feel good – or, if you’re unsure, experimenting anyway.

So, let us be your escort to ecstasy! In this guide, we’ll be covering a whole host of products ideal for him and her.

Start small with pleasure rings

If sex toys are a new thing for you or your partner, a Durex Intense Vibrations Ring is a good place to start. Its application is straightforward enough: place the band around your manhood and let the vibrations edge you ever closer to nirvana.

The vibrations work with the ebb and flow of any sexual activity to help spread the sensations throughout your member. When it comes to time-to-orgasm, men drew the short straw – so, by using a pleasure ring, you can even the odds.

For twenty minutes, you can both enjoy the quivering aspect of the product. Following that, the vibrator mechanic can be disposed of while the ring can be reused to intensify every experience to mind-blowing results.

Play all the right notes with bullets

Forget werewolves: this Silver Bullet kills kittens like nothing else. Its powerful micro-motor is designed to maximise pleasure during sex or self-love and is just quiet enough that you won’t wake a soul should you get restless in the night.

They say great things come in small packages, and we’d have to agree. When the charge runs out, simply unscrew, replace with AG13 batteries and brace yourself for 80 minutes of guilt-free indulgence.

There are plenty of positions that allow for a free hand, so if you want clitoral stimulation while your partner’s attention is focused elsewhere, its compact size allows for flexibility.

bondage-rope (Hands tied with red rope)

Create roles with rope

As far as bondage is concerned, the rope is your entry-level. We’ve all heard the horror stories of people using belts, ties and (seriously) extension cords, only to find themselves (unsurprisingly) not having a good time.

That’s why Bound to Please rope delivers on the restrain kink unlike anything else. It won’t chafe and its durability means that, for the Shibari practitioners amongst you, any position is possible.

It raises an important question though… which one of you will be tied up? Your journey into healthy power plays within sexual relationships starts now. No need to thank us, just be sure to use a safe word.

Discover your body with rabbits

There are parts of a woman’s body that no amount of cocksure men can ever really understand. Sure, they give it their best effort, but you’re the expert with the Jessica Rabbit Ultimate Vibrator.

With six speeds, six vibrating functions and two rows of massaging beads, a partner would need to be superhuman to deliver the same level of simultaneous stimulation.

Equipped with a touchpad and entirely waterproof, this gadget is ideal for rediscovering yourself. But that doesn’t mean you need to do it alone – your partner has an entire body to keep busy while you’re otherwise occupied.

Woman with a whip

Form prizes and punishments with whips

For the leather fans, it’s easy to be led down the garden path with whips. Many first-time buyers find themselves at the mercy of an over-powerful cat o’ nine tails or ineffective fly swatter.

With the BOUND Nubuck Leather Flogger, you’re getting a product designed to deliver satisfaction. Coming on leaps and bounds from your roles created at the rope stage, you’re now building on that dynamic with rewards. For those looking to add a little pain to heighten the pleasure, BOUND’s effort is a safe pair of hands.

High-quality nubuck leather allows for enhanced grip, and this durable tool delivers a 47cm smack. Not to mention, as part of your sub/dom exploration, it can be combined with both a padlock and double trigger clip – leaving the rest up to your imagination.

Indulge yourself to the max with the double mini 

If you’ve found the above doesn’t quite scratch your itch, the Double Mini packs a punch that stimulates both the front and the back. Made from firm jelly rubber, this double-ended device meets the needs of ladies who love feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t worry about how you’ll sit; this talented tool has plenty of give when getting the angle just right. And don’t worry about longevity either – after each use, it’ll return to its regular form.

While popular for personal use, the exhibitionists amongst you might sense an opportunity for a private peep show – your partner being the sole audience member, obviously. It may even be an opportunity to feel more connected than ever…

At, we understand that sexual exploration, even today, remains taboo for many. Our aim is to dismantle those perceptions and promote healthy pleasure-seeking attitudes in all our customers.

Remember that the above suggestions are only a small number of toys within a whole new world of devices designed to make you feel good! So why not indulge yourself?

Our team take toys seriously. If you’d like any guidance on what’s best for your body and routine, get in touch. If not, why wait? Take a look at our full range and enjoy the sexual reawakening each of them offer.