What Condom Should I Buy? A Buyers Guide…

Which Condom Should I Buy?

Condoms are the only form of contraception - other than abstinence - effective in preventing both pregnancy and STIs. When condoms are used correctly, they have a success rate of 98%, significantly higher than the rival contraceptives.

With such a vast array of condoms available to buy online today, we’ve put together the following buyer's guide to help steer you towards your perfect condom. Alternatively, take the following simple questionnaire to discover the perfect condom for you: http://whatcondomshouldibuy.com/


The first and most important element to consider when buying condoms is the size of the recipient penis. Regular condom sizes will fit most penises, however you might want to try alternate sizes if you have any problems with condoms splitting or sliding off.

In contrast to popular belief, the differing condom sizes relate to the girth of the erect penis, and NOT just the length. Take a look at the following diagram to effectively measure the circumference of your penis. Click here to convert centimeters into inches if you are only able to measure your penis in cm.

How to measure girth

If girth is less than 4.5 inches you should consider smaller sizes.

If girth is between 4.6 & 5.4 inches you should consider regular sizes.

If girth is between 5.5 & 6 inches you should consider larger sizes.

If girth is more than 6 inches you should consider extra-large sizes.

Unfortunately there aren’t many unique textures or features available in small or large condom sizes yet, but we highly recommend prioritising a well-fitted condom over a feature rich condom. For those of you that fall into the regular size category there is a great range of condoms with unique textures and features to heighten you and your partner's sexual experience.

As a general rule we recommend using tighter fitting condoms. If your penis is close to the limits of the size range, we’d suggest going with the smaller size to heighten sensitivity, and ultimately enjoy better sex.


Latex is the most popular condom material, and continues to be the cheapest to manufacture. If you are looking for maximum value for money, latex is probably the most sensible option for you.

It is worth noting however that top condom brands including Durex, Mates & Pasante are now making condoms from new materials, which are said to be of higher quality and feel more like wearing nothing. We agree! Most of our favourite condoms are made from non-latex materials including polyisoprene and polyurethane, but these high quality condoms also come at a premium.

It’s very important to use non-latex condoms if you or your partner have a latex allergy. If you’re unsure who you’re going to be having sex with, we’d recommend buying non-latex condoms.

Texture & Features

It’s no secret that most people don’t like to wear condoms. We hope that you accept the slightly inferior feeling because this is significantly better than the alternatives of unwanted children and/or sexually transmitted diseases!

Textures including ribs and dots - however - can help to add an element to our sex lives that can only be achieved using condoms. Other features including benzocaine gels can help to improve stamina. All these extra elements can result in condoms being an actively desired and unrivaled addition to our sex lives.

Textured Condoms have a raised texture around the outside of the condom to heighten stimulation. The most popular textures are ribs and dots, but other more obscure textures also exist.

Thin Condoms are made from very thin materials to improve sensitivity and feel more like you’re wearing nothing.

Delay Condoms have benzocaine gel on the inside of the condom to gently numb the penis, reducing sensitivity and improving endurance by delaying the ejaculation.

Flavoured Condoms taste of a wide range of flavours from Strawberry to Cola! These are perfect for protection during oral sex, improving the taste of the condom. Flavoured condoms are also safe to wear during other types of sex including vaginal and anal sex, and can help to improve the smell of sex.

Warming & Cooling Condoms have a special lubricant designed to give the sensation of heat (hot or cold) on the penis. It’s a unique experience that is definitely worth a try.

Glow In The Dark Condoms do exactly that. Hold the packet up to the light for a short time, and enjoy a glowing penis in the dark!

Please be aware that brands create their own variation of each condom feature, so please read the product description for each condom to better understand what you’re buying before you make your purchase.

Here at tingle.com we offer an easy pick’n’mix style approach to purchasing your condoms, so you can be free to try a varied selection and discover your favourite condom/s today!

myCondom Staff Picks (Regular)

Mates Skyn Condom

Mates Skyn

Pasante Sensiva Condom

Pasante Sensiva

Durex Elite Condom

Durex Elite

myCondom Staff Picks (Small Condoms)

Mates Conform Condom

Mates Conform

Pasante Trim Condom

Pasante Trim

Glye Vegan Slimfit Strawberry Condom

Glyde Slimfit Strawberry

myCondom Staff Picks (Large Condoms)

Mates King Size Condom

Mates King Size

Pasante King Size Condom

Pasante King Size

Glyde Vegan Supermax Condom

Glyde Supermax

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you still catch a disease when wearing a condom?

Condoms are highly successful in protecting users against most sexually transmitted diseases, however they cannot protect against all infections. Infections spread by ways other than fluid transfer - such as herpes, HPV, pubic lice, or scabies - can still be caught, although the use of condoms will still help to lower the risk.

Do you need a different condom for anal sex?

No you don’t, all our condoms pass stringent testing procedures, meaning they are safe for use during vaginal, anal or oral sex. We do however recommend that you use extra safe (thick) condoms if you are having a lot of anal sex with many different partners or someone you know to have an STD. This is because STD’s are passed with greater ease during anal sex, because the skin in the anus is more fragile than the vagina, and you are therefore at more risk of infection. It is also important to use lubricant when engaging in anal sex, as the anus is not self-lubricating, which increases the risk of condoms tearing.

Which is the cheapest condom?

tingle.com only stock CE-marked condoms, so you can buy in confidence. Some of our best value for money and low cost condom brands include; Adore, AMOR, EXS, Mates (non-skyn) & Skins.

Which condom feels most like wearing nothing?

This is a subjective question, but given our vast combined experience working at myCondom and personally trying all of the condoms, we can confidently recommend Mates Skyn, Pasante Sensiva, Durex Real Feel & ESP Air Thin as condoms that feel most like you’re wearing nothing.

Why does extra safe exist? Are others therefore NOT safe?

All condoms at tingle.com pass stringent EU safety standards, as well as being CE marked for peace of mind and confidence. Extra Safe condoms are simply a little thicker than normal condoms, making them even more unlikely to split, so you can be extra confident that you’re enjoying safe sex.

I struggle to please my partner during sex, do you have anything that can help me out?

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction we recommend wearing an ultra thin sensation condom (such as Pasante Sensiva) and sizing down to increase sensitivity, or maybe even try the Fair Squared Max Perform Condom, which has a potency ring built in to help keep the penis hard. If you have any problems with premature ejaculation there are plenty of delay condoms to numb the penis and increase your stamina. We’d recommend Durex Mutual Climax, as this condom also has features to help stimulate your partner too.

Is it safe to buy brands other than Durex?

Of course it is! All condoms sold at tingle.com are of a very high quality, meeting all EU & UK safety standards. Durex may well be the best-known condom brand, but brands including Mates & Pasante are just as good, if not better in our opinion.

Why do flavoured condoms exist?

Flavoured condoms help to mask the smell of the latex, which many people find undesirable. Many STD’s can be passed through oral sex, so it can be important to use a condom when giving oral sex to strangers. Flavoured condoms help to make this a more enjoyable (and tasty!) experience for the person giving the oral sex.

Is it safer to use two condoms rather than one?

No. Despite what you might think, it’s a bad idea! “Double-wrapping” increases friction, and makes them more likely to split or tear. Please always use only one condom at a time.

Are condoms re-usable?

No. You should use a new condom every time you either have sex or have a break long enough to cause the condom to dry out. As soon as the wearer ejaculates, he should pull out. If in any doubt at all, always use a new condom. They aren’t expensive!

Is it safe to keep condoms in my wallet?

For a short period yes, but don’t keep a condom in your wallet for longer than a month. Friction caused from opening and closing your wallet will slowly damage the condom and reduce its strength. If you must keep a condom in your wallet, we suggest using a condom that comes in a plastic pot (as opposed to a standard foil) such as Pasante Sensiva.

Can I be allergic to condoms?

Yes. Some people have an allergy to Latex, which can cause a rash to the skin. If you have any problems using latex condoms, we’d suggest trying non-latex condoms.

How many condoms should I buy?

How long is a piece of string?! It depends on how often you’re going to be having sex. We can confirm however that you should use a new condom each time you have sex. All our condoms have an expiry date of at least 2 years from purchase date (unless the product is on special offer/sale or otherwise stated). We’d recommend buying more than you think you need, as there’s very little worse than running out of condoms, and you’ll benefit from huge savings when purchasing in volume.

Are there any alternate uses for condoms?

Condoms aren't just for use during sex. In fact they have many other uses, as you can read about here! A sensible alternative use for a condom is as a sex toy cover for extra cleanliness. On) Clinic Non-Lubricated Condoms are ideal for this usage.