BioSURE HIV Self test kit


The world's easiest HIV Test. No questions. No labs. No waiting.

BioSURE HIV Self Test is very simple to perform and requires just a tiny drop of blood.

The BioSURE HIV Self Test was the first approved CE marked product and is the bestselling HIV Self Test in the UK.

You can test wherever and whenever is most convenient for you and get your easy to read result in just 15 minutes.

HIV is a treatable condition, once you know your status. With correct and early treatment, you can protect your own and your partner's health.

Your BioSURE Self test is extremely accurate, however, if you get a positive test result you must get your result confirmed by a healthcare professional.

This test may not detect the most recent HIV infections, because it looks for antibodies to HIV and each person makes these at different times.

Suitable for

– Not suitable for people with a bleeding disorder.
– Not suitable for use by people under the age of 16 years.
– Not suitable for people receiving any form of antiretroviral treatment for HIV.
– Not suitable for people who have been previously included in an HIV vaccine study.

How to use

Please read enclosed leaflet and information carefully before use.

For in vitro diagnostic use as a self-test for HIV as an aid to diagnosis by an individual.

1. Prepare
Find and remove the buffer pot from the end of the test device. Place buffer pot in the hole in the tray.

2. Sample
Remove cover. Place the red pad of lancet on side of finger. Push the lancet down until it 'clicks'. You can squeeze to make the drop bigger.

3. Collect
Touch the tip of your test onto the drop of blood. The tip will automatically fill.  

4. Test
Push the tip of your test through the foil lid into the buffer pot. PUSH DOWN HARD. You must make sure that you push completely down to the bottom of the buffer pot.

Now wait... Start your timer. You need to time 15 minutes. After about 3 minutes, CHECK to make sure your test is running. If your test is running, you will see the colour moving up the test strip. If not, push the test down to the bottom of the buffer pot.

5. Result

My test has...

1 LINE - my test result is NEGATIVE

2 LINES - my test result is POSITIVE. You must have a positive test result confirmed by a healthcare professional.

NO LINES - my test did NOT work

When you’ve finished: If your result is positive, you should not take any decision about your condition without first consulting a healthcare professional who will confirm your result.

Disposal: To dispose of your BioSURE HIV Self Test, place all components back into the box and slip into the opaque disposal bag included. Seal the bag and discard with your normal household rubbish. Not suitable for recycling.

Hazards and Cautions

Keep out of the sight and reach of children.

The test will only work correctly when used with a sample of your blood.

This is a single-use test that cannot be reused.

This test may not detect the most recent HIV infections. You can test from 4 weeks after your possible exposure, but if your test result is negative, you should use caution and test again 12 weeks after your possible exposure.

If you make lifestyle choices that could put you at risk of HIV infection, it is recommended you test every three months.

This test is not suitable if you are receiving any form of antiretroviral treatment for HIV or if you have been part of an HIV vaccine trial.


The test should be stored, unopened, at between 8 and 30°C.

Important info

What’s inside:

1 x BioSURE HIV Self Test pouch:
1 x BioSURE HIV Self Test
1 x safety lancet
1 x plaster
1 x pack of desiccant
1 x Instructions for Use
1 x Product Insert
1 x opaque plastic disposal bag

What’s not inside: You will need something to time 15 minutes.

For questions about HIV and support call: NHS Helpline 0300 123 7123

For further information please visit: or call: 0845 222 0012

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