Emergency contraception is better known as ‘The Morning After Pill’. Accidents do occasionally happen!  Perhaps it was a condom that split, or you forgot to take your regular contraception. 

Tingle® offers the two Morning After Pills which are presently on the market

Both Levonelle and ellaOne can be taken after unprotected sexual intercourse and has a similar result. The difference between them is that Levonelle can only be taken effectively for up to 3 days post intercourse and ellaOne up to 5 days post intercourse.

Both of these methods lead to the same result, but work in different ways.  They affect your progesterone, which is the hormone that prepares the endometrium for potential pregnancy after ovulation.  

– Levonelle introduces synthetic progesterone into the system which helps to prevent ovulation

– ellaOne affects the progesterone itself which delays ovulation until the sperm is no longer alive and is therefore unable to fertilise the egg.

The Morning After Pill reacts in a way that thickens the mucus found at the entrance of the womb. Once thickened, it makes it far more difficult for sperm to reach the egg, therefore preventing pregnancy.

Neither of these Morning After Pills should ever be used as a permanent alternative to regular contraception, they are designed purely for emergency situations.

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