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Think of it this way: would you rather be at home sifting through emails from strangers on some awful looking web site? Or would you rather be out with your friends, discovering singles around you and flirting on-the-go?

Tingle is a completely new approach to dating. Like you, we tried online dating and hated it. So we created a service that is mobile-only, and that connects you with cool people right on your iPhone with total anonymity.  

This means no more drudgery logging into your web-based dating profile and managing the often overwhelming ebb and flow of your dating inbox. Build relationships with quick messages and quick calls while on the go – with less pressure.

So get Tingle and get flirting… it all starts with a Wink!

More ways to flirt

See who's near you

More ways to chat

Karma and rewards

All these features make Tingle the safest, highest quality and most convenient place you can find love on your phone. Keep an eye out for more updates soon!

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