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How to spot early signs of STDs and your treatment options

Knowing how to spot the early signs of an STD can save you a lot of time and stress when it comes to treatment options. Instead of letting your symptoms get worse, it’s advised to see a doctor straight away. To discover more about the early signs of STDs and find out what treatment options […]

How to clean your sex toys

In order to enjoy your sex toys to the max, it’s crucial that you keep them clean. Although it’s probably one of the least exciting parts of using your toys, it’s important for your health and the life span of your product. Luckily, it’s super easy to keep your sex toys clean. To help you […]

A guide to choosing the right size condom

Condoms are the most effective way to fend of nasty sexually transmitted diseases and when used correctly are also one of the most effective ways to protect against unwanted pregnancy. However, part of the ‘using it correctly’ involves ensuring that you’re wearing the right size. If a condom is too loose or too tight (ouch!) […]

The 5 best sex toys to buy for her for Christmas

When it comes to presents, the best ones are those that show you care and bring your partner pleasure. Sex toys make wonderful, cheeky gifts that can spice up your love life whilst proving that her pleasure is a priority in the bedroom. Whether you’re a new couple, or seasoned pros when it comes to […]

Does masturbation increase testosterone?

Many people ask the question ‘does masturbation increase testosterone?’ because of the popular myths surrounding masturbation and testosterone levels. Despite pop science suggesting that masturbation causes testosterone to skyrocket, that’s not necessarily true. Whilst masturbation might have short-term effects on testosterone levels, the long-term effects are not thought to be that notable. We’re taking a […]

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