Here at tingle® we take Men’s Sexual Health seriously.

Sex is an important part of life for every man and woman.

During adult life, sex becomes not only pleasurable, but plays an important role in any committed relationship between two people, creating a special bond.

During this time, sexual health and well-being is paramount.  This would include their sexual desires, and being able to get and sustain an erection.  There are many factors that can complicate men’s sexual health, making the experience not as pleasurable as it should be for both the man and woman.  For example, mental health can play a huge part, along with medication, physical insecurities, lack of desire and many emotional factors such as sexuality.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is an issue that affects most men at some stage of their life.  Although for many, this can be a confusing and embarrassing subject, it is more common that you may first realise.  Erectile Dysfunction is when a man has the inability to get an erection or unable to maintain it long enough to lead to satisfying themselves or their partner. 

There are various reasons that this could occur at any stage in a man’s life, including stress, depression, relationship problems, hormone levels, damage from previous surgery and clogged arteries, or could even be an early sign of heart disease. ED is treatable with medication, injections into the penis or the use of certain devices such as penis pumps

Another issue that can occur and impact on sexual health and well-being is premature ejaculation.  This refers to when a man reaches orgasm and ejaculates far sooner than they anticipated.  It can lead to frustration for the man and also his partner.  Not only can this take the enjoyment out of sex, it will no doubt add to any existing stress and possible depression as a result. Then the vicious cycle starts!

At tingle® we offer solutions for Men’s Sexual Health & Well-Being including Erectile Dysfunction medication & devices, as well as delay sprays that help with the problem of Premature Ejaculation.

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